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Developing Math Websites

Step 1: Set Up

In this step, you will get set up to build the website.
1. Open up the Google website for the grade level you are working with. Navigate to the unit page you are working with. If it does not exist yet, you will need to create it. 
2. Navigate to the Open Up Math website and navigate to the student materials page for your grade level.
3. Open Up Khan Academy for Illustrative Math. Navigate to your grade level.
4. Open up the YouTube Channel or source for your video.
5. Lastly, Open up the folder that houses all of the Google slides for your grade level.

Set Up

Step 2: Unit & Lesson Page Set up

These steps are suggestions. You may find a more efficient way to accomplish this goal. Goal: create unit pages that list all of the lessons for the unit. The lessons title on the unit page link to the individual lesson pages. 
1. Create the unit page.
2. Navigate to each lesson, one at a time, and copy the lesson title.
3. Past the lesson title on the unit page. 
4. Change the font to the subheading.
5. Change the background color on alternating titles. 
6. Now create a page for the unit lesson. 
7. Tile the page “Unit _ :Lesson _ 
7. Make the page a child to the unit page.
8. Hide the page from navigation.
9. Go back to Open Up Math and copy the title of the lesson.
10. Paste the lesson title in the lesson page. 
11. Change the font to subheading/heading

Step 3: Google Slides

In this step, you will insert the link to the premade Google Slides.
1. Open up the slide deck for the lesson your working on.
2. Click file/make a copy/delete “copy of “/save to your folder that will house all of the slides.
3. Exit out of the original slide deck. 
4. In your copy, click share/advanced/change/On- Public on the Web. 
5. Go to lesson page. Type Lesson _: Slide Show.
6. Highlight text and paste in the link to the slide deck. 

Step 4: Adding Student Resources

In this step, we will link to the lesson resources provided by Open Up Math.
1. Navigate to the Open Up Math lesson.
2. Copy the URL.
3. Go to the lesson page you created.
5. Type in “Lesson_: Student Resources.
6. Change font to the subheading.
7. Highlight the text and paste in the URL.

Step 4

Step 5: Khan Academy Practice

In this lesson, we will add the Khan Academy Practice to the math website.
1. Go to Khan Academy Illustrative Math website.
2. Select the grade level you are working with.
3. Navigate to the specific lesson your working on ( Sometimes there is not a lesson). 
4. Copy the link to the lesson.
5. Go to the lesson page.
6. Type in “Lesson_: Student Resources”.
7. Change the font to the subheading.
8. Highlight the text and insert the link.

Step 5

Step 6: Video Resource

This is a vital resource because it offers instruction. The instruction component is one aspect this curriculum lacks. Best practice is to embed the video in the website and to turn off related videos.
1. Navigate to your video source.
2. Click on the share button and select embed.
3. Uncheck the “Show suggested videos when the video finishes.”
4. Uncheck ” Show video title and player actions.”
5. Copy the embed code.
6. Go to lesson page, click on insert, click on embed, click on embed code, paste in the embed code, and position and size the video. It should be on the right-hand side of the links you inserted.

Step 6

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