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Free Stock Photos

I remember a time when free stock images were hard to find. The ones I did find did not always have the best quality and were difficult to give attribution to. Now there are websites that provide users with free high-quality stock photos that do not require attribution. If you decide to give attribution, they have provided a very easy way to accomplish that.

There are two that I use at the moment. I am looking for more sites. If you know of any, please let me know. I use Unsplash and Pexels. These two sites have provided me with all of the images I have been using to create curriculum based Google sites. There is another feature that I love about these sites. You can become a contributor. I have contributed to Unspalsh. I plan on adding more to Unsplash and some to Pexels. It’s a great way to give back to such a valuable resource. I have several photos in mind that I would like to share. Pexels also has free stock videos. I do not use stock videos but have entertained the thought of contributing some. I think Pexels may be a great resource for a student wanting to learn how to edit. They could get footage from Pexels to use as practice material.

My last thought would be to have a contest that requires users to make a 1-minute video using stock video from Pexels. The challenge is that the video must tell a story. Does anyone want to play?

List of sites that offer free stock images and/or video.






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