Mr. Zirkle

Google Certification Level 1 & 2

The Google Education Suite is a powerful resource that can engage students, enhance curriculum, and foster the 4Cs (Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, & Critical Thinking). If you use the G Suite with your students or would like to sharpen your G skills, preparing for the Google Educators Certification exam will ensure you are proficient with using the G Suite apps.

I have developed and curated some resources that will help you determine if you are ready for the exams and prepare you to take them. Here are the steps that I recommend you take:
1. Complete this self-assessment that I created. The assessment begins on page four. There are sixteen pages, so make sure you scroll all the way through the document. This resource includes links to tutorials and the WCPSS Boot Camps.
2. Once you complete the self-assessment you can explore the tutorials to help you with the performance tasks you need to master.
3. Google has extensive training units that you can complete. They are very long and require much time. I recommend you skip the lessons and go directly to the review questions. If you answer all of the review questions correctly, move onto the next unit. If you missed several of the review questions, it may benefit you to read through the lessons for that unit.
4. The WCPSS has created boot camps for level one and level two. I recommend you complete the boot camps. They are very similar to the scenarios you will experience during the exam.
5. If you need support in any way, feel free to contact me.

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