Teacher Support

North Carolina Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers

Teachers will now be required to earn technology credits by completing modules related to the four North Carolina Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers. I have created a step-by-step guide for teachers to use to help them navigate through the process. I am also available to assist teachers with completing their assessments. Contact me to get started.

Selecting Digital Resources

I can help you evaluate and select digital resources based on best practices and data. I use three frameworks/models to guide us through the evaluation and selection process. Contact me to schedule a meeting. We can meet as a department, PLT, or one on one.

Collaborate with Staff Members

I want to work side by side with teachers collaborating on a wide variety of projects, activities, assessments, lessons plans, programs, and best practices. I do have the perspective of integrating technology into the curriculum, but I also want to use technology to help teachers ease their workload. I would love to just sit in and be apart of your PLT and support you in any way possible.

Digital Portfolios

A digital portfolio showcases student work samples. It also contains a student’s reflection upon the work they have submitted. The digital portfolios can be housed in several different web based environments. I can work with your entire class on creating digital portfolios or I can meet with small groups of students. Let’s meet and plan together on what best meets the needs of you and your students.

Facilitate Classroom Instruction

One of my favorite things is to facilitate whole group or small group classroom instruction. I miss being in the classroom on a regular basis. I can present a lesson to your entire class or work with small groups in my classroom. I can also work alongside of you,while you lead instruction. Having two teachers in a classroom can be very beneficial. I want to support you and your students anyway I can.

BYOD Solutions

BYOD has brought technology to our classrooms. Most students bring smartphones instead of laptops. There are many advantages and disadvantages to using smartphones. Navigating all of the different types of devices, platforms, and operating systems can be challenging.  I can work with you to match the device to the student activity and  learning objective.

Digital Coaching & the 4Cs

Part of my role as an ITF or Digital Coach is to work alongside teachers to plan on ways to incorporate the 4Cs. I want to point out that my role as a collaborator goes beyond just incorporating technology, but includes the integration of technology and the 4Cs into curriculum and content.

Website Development

I enjoy building and developing websites. Teachers use websites to communicate with their students and parents. They mostly post assignments and homework to their site. I can build a website for a teacher, but the hard part is maintaining that website so it is current. My favorite way to use a website involves creating an “At Your Fingertips” resource for teachers. Read the section below for more details.

At Your Fingertips

I was a classroom teacher for over 15 years. I know what it is like to teach. I desire to help make the art of teaching more efficient for teachers. My favorite way to do this is by creating “At Your Fingertips” web-based resources. Imagine having, for every unit, every lesson, activity, presentation, piece of media, and lesson plan all on one page.

Schedule a Time to Meet With Me

I would love the opportunity to meet with you to find ways that I can support you and your students. Contact me to schedule a time for me to meet with you or facilitate class instruction.

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