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Technology Credits

There has been much talk about teachers needing to get there Technology credits. The Digital Learning Coordinators can support teachers in getting technology credits. There are multiple paths to getting tech credits. Here is a list of some pathways to tech credits. Contact your area DLC for support or questions.
1. The North Carolina DPI Digital Learning Competencies – this may be the fastest and easiest way to obtain technology credits. The NC DPI created modules for teachers to complete in order to obtain technology credits. There are 4 competencies that teachers can choose from. Each competency is equal to 1.0 CEU.

A. Leadership in Digital Learning –Teachers will demonstrate leadership in accelerating their integration of digital teaching and learning pedagogies.
B. Digital Citizenship- Teachers will model and teach digital citizenship by the ethical, respectful, and safe use of digital tools and resources that support the creation of a positive digital school    culture.
C. Digital Content and Instruction- Teachers will know and use appropriate digital tools and resources for instruction.|
D. Data and Assessment- Teachers will use technology to make data more accessible, adjust instruction to better meet the needs of a diverse learner population, and reflect upon their practice        through the consistent, effective use of assessment.
You may need a partial credit or a whole credit. These modules will enable you to complete an online course at your own pace. Contact me, Chris Zirkle, to receive more information and access to Canvas courses. (

2. Work With a DLC – When we work with staff members we keep track of the time we have spent with you working on technology integration. We will provide your school’s E-School manager with the number of hours we worked with you and a description of the session. Each hour equals .1 CEUs.

3. Convergence Remix – The WCPSS DLCs host Remix events throughout the year for each calendar schedule. We send out invites to administrators. Be on the look for a Remix event. They are awesome ways to learn about technology integration while earning tech credits.

4. Kyte Learning – If you love to participate in Professional Development on your own time and in your pajamas, Kyte Learning may be up your ally. Look for the link in the WCPSS Portal.

5. Google Level 1 & Level 2 Certification – Your area DLC can provide you with resources and support in order to pass the Google Educators Certification Exams. Level 1 is worth .8 CEUs and Level 2 is worth 1.2 CEUs. Here are some resources to get you started.

6. The Friday Institute – The Friday Institute offers several online courses.

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