Mr. Zirkle

The Hour of Code

We are participating in the Hour of Code on December 5th. We will mostly all be participating in the “Hour of Code” website activities, but there are many other coding activities students can participate in. Here are several they can choose from. Open this post to read more.

Hour of Code Activities–These activities will help introduce you to coding and computer science.  Play around with them until you find something that interests you! Happy Coding. (a lot of great coding activities for students to choose from independently)  (in depth coding lessons with detailed activities–teacher directed)  (athletics based coding activities)  (resources about coding, videos, posters, etc…)  (easy coding activity, no sign in required)  (computer science fundamentals for all ages, not login required)  (simple computer activities for younger students, additional coding activities available that require free trial) (basic, step by step coding activity, no sign-up required)  (popular coding program, no sign-up required) (students use scratch to create a musical card) (for you math folks out there…coding activities that deal with algebra)  (coding activities that do not require devices)  (requires free trial sign up) (Khan Academy resources on the Hour of Code)

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