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Video Solutions

Here is the link to the presentation:
This presentation uses some terminology that you may not be familiar with.
Video Production –  a video production may have a separate audio source than the audio provided by the video. It may have multiple video clips. Text and images may be added to the video. There may be multiple camera angles and lights and a backdrop might or green screen might be used.
One Camera Source – the video provides the audio source. If there are more than one video clips or if you need to add a title or image, you must use editing software. Most teacher will use a one camera source video clip for their project. Not adding a title, image, or additional clips will simplify the process for this type of project.
Screen-casting –  is a digital recording of computer screen output. This means what ever is on the screen is what the audience will see. You can capture your entire desktop or one browser tab. The screen-cast will also record the audio from the built in microphone on the device. It is also possible to capture video footage of the narrator and include it in the screen-cast, in a smaller window.