Seesaw’s Digital Whiteboard

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Some teachers are wanting to use their new touch screen laptops and the stylus. I have been researching various digital whiteboard applications, testing them, and noting the features each one has. Teachers can create screencast videos of their lessons using a digital whiteboard to house the content of their lesson. Teachers can then deliver their lessons to their students via the LMS they are using. Students can then access the lesson at their convenience.

Seesaw Digital Whiteboard Features

In my school district, Seesaw is approved to be used by students k-2. Third-12th grade teachers can not use Seesaw with their students. The following video tutorial demonstrates how to use the digital whiteboard in Seesaw to create screen cast videos. Seesaw has some attractive features, you can import backgrounds, add text,add images, and create movable/drag-able images and graphics.