Digital Learning Coordinator

I taught Language Arts for about thirteen years. I transitioned into the position as an Instructional Technology Facilitator and I am now a Digital Learning Coordinator. Digital Learning Coordinators support the district by providing instructional support in the area of instructional technology integration. The DLC position offers support to teachers and students by providing a wide range of services that are outlined in our Service Menu. Some of my favorite ways to support teachers and students is by providing personalized PD and instructional support. Instructional support allows me the opportunity to work alongside teachers in their classroom, working with their students.

Schedule A Time for Us to Support You

My team loves to work with teachers and support them in any way needed. Feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to schedule a time to consult with you and develop a plan of action to support you, your PLT, your team, grade level, or department. Below are our email address.

Tanya Churchill       [email protected]
Walt Tallman           [email protected]
Jennifer Underhill  [email protected]
Chris Zirkle              [email protected]