Digital Citizenship

Step One

Your will first need to complete an evaluation that will determine your level of skill. You will rank as a novice level, experienced level, or at a mastery level. I will walk you through this process during our first meeting. Once we determine your skill level, we will then proceed with your learning modules.

Skill Level

Step Two
Use this course guide to help you navigate through the modules. You can make a copy and save it to your Google folder for this course.

Pick Your Skill Level

Final Step or Just the Beginning?

It is now time for you to begin to work through an individual module. There are modules for the novice, experienced, and the masterly level. Use the following link to help you navigate through each module. I will show you where to begin during our face to face meeting. Each module has a pattern. You will first explore, then you will explain, then you will elaborate. You will complete each module. Click here for the discussion post assignments.

Select Your Level of Skill